moisturizing lip tint

Lip tint is an easy-going lip balm to have on hand wherever you go. It gives a hint of natural color, hydrates, and moisturizes the lips.

Tinted lip balm is a versatile go-to product to include in your makeup bag.

  • Wear it on its own for a flush of color
  • Add under lip gloss for moisturizing shimmer
  • Use it as a matte under lipstick to prevent flaking

In addition, lip tints made with natural oils and waxes create a protective barrier to heal and hydrate your lips.

Alkanet & Hibiscus Moisturizing Lip Tint lip is made from alkanet root, beetroot, and a touch of Hibiscus flower to give a natural pink shade for pale toned lips. The active ingredient Shea butter adds moisture with a touch of natural oil to keep your lips feeling healthy, smooth, and incredibly soft.

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