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  • Morphine Perfume Oil


    You will need a prescription before ordering this because of the high risk of overdose. This scent is infused with caramel, musk, vanilla, eucalyptus, cedar and burnt wood. Let the relaxation begin with this warm, sweet, calming and inviting fragrance.

  • Sleepy Hollow Perfume Oil


    The red wood forest, seeps into the night as misty moss and dark patchouli gently covers the sandal trees and the white musky clouds dampen the amber glow as the headless horseman makes his round for a gruesome display in this strange enchanted forest. Chilling yet comforting in a bizarre way. Lovely scent and a keeper!

    Made with fractionated coconut oil and 1/4 amount of jojoba oil for nourishment of the skin. Our perfume oil is light, quickly absorbed and long-lasting.