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  • Fable Perfume Oil


    Fable is a complex and intriguing fragrance. The fruity top notes starts with fresh strawberries, pears and green apples; middle notes of basil and geranium followed up with bottom notes of fresh greenery and oak.

  • Prickly Pear Rose Face Serum

    Prickly Pear & Rose Face Serum


    Prickly Pear & Rose Face Serum provides intense skin hydration that deeply penetrates below the skin’s surface to smooth, moisturize, and soften all skin types. It’s most beneficial to reduce skin irritation from skin damage.

  • Red Lychee Tea Perfume Oil


    Made with fractionated coconut oil and 1/4 amount of jojoba oil for nourishment of the skin, our perfume oil is light, quickly absorbing and long-lasting.

    Notes: Rooibos, lychee, lily and geranium.
    Description: An engaging fruity fragrance that smells like lychee bubble tea – pleasant and delightful to your senses.