Skin Care Tips for Cooler Weather

With cooler weather approaching, your skin is about to be put to the test. Between indoor heating and outdoor cold, it’s common for skin to reach its breaking point during the cooler months. If you want to keep that same glowing visage throughout the colder months, it’s time to stock up on some top-notch skincare products and adopt a few new habits. By combining these tips with your existing skin care routine and switching up your current products as needed, you’ll have the perfect plan for healthy skin all year long.

Change out your skincare products

Your skin care products are one of the first lines of defense against the elements, and certain ingredients are more effective in certain temperatures. With that in mind, be sure to switch up your skincare routine as the cooler weather approaches. In particular, pay attention to your cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. One of the first signs of compromised skin is dryness, so use a gentle, hydrating cleanser that won’t strip your skin. Your moisturizer should also be lightweight and non-greasy, as well as packed with humectants like hyaluronic acid. Additionally, sunscreen is even more important in the colder months, so be sure to use it daily — even if you’re indoors.

Layer on the hyaluronic acid

If your skin is extra-dry this time of year, hyaluronic acid is your best friend. A naturally occurring substance in skin, HA is a powerful humectant that draws water from the air and binds it to the surface of your skin. With that in mind, adding an extra dose of HA to your skincare routine will ensure your complexion stays hydrated even on the coldest days. If your cleanser doesn’t already contain hyaluronic acid, you can also buy a standalone product. You can also take advantage of hyaluronic acid serums, which are applied directly to problem areas.

Add Vitamin C to your daily routine

If you’re already stocking up on hyaluronic acid and switching up your skincare products, you might as well add Vitamin C to your skincare routine as well. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight off free radicals and prevent your skin from aging prematurely. Additionally, if you have trouble with dryness and flakiness, adding Vitamin C to your skincare routine can help. In fact, studies have shown that Vitamin C can reduce dryness and increase collagen production — meaning softer, younger-looking skin.

Exfoliate to combat dryness

Your daily skincare routine should include gentle exfoliation. In fact, mild exfoliates are essential for keeping pores clear and preventing blackheads and breakouts. But what you may not know is that exfoliating regularly is also critical for preventing dryness. What’s more, if you’re already battling dryness, you should probably reduce the number of times you exfoliate per week or use a gentler product with smaller, easier-to-remove particles.

Don’t forget the SPF!

With the weather cooling off, you’re probably spending more time outdoors, which means more time exposed to harmful UV rays. What’s more, indoor heating can actually increase your UV exposure, so it’s critical to find a sunscreen with a high SPF. Wherever you spend your time, be it indoors or out, be sure to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher 30 minutes before you go outside so you don’t miss any critical UV protection.


While the colder weather doesn’t mean you have to give up on good skin, it does mean you have to work harder for it. With the right products, a few tweaks to your normal routine and a little vigilance, you can keep your skin looking as good as ever. Whether you’re indoors or out, your skin will thank you.

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