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  • Nourishing Hair Conditioner by Belle & Blaire

    Nourishing Hair Conditioner


    New & Improved Formula!

    Nourishing Hair Conditioner is hydrating for dry and moisture-starved hair. Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, or thin this conditioner will moisturize your hair. Apply an amount based on the length and thickness of your hair to lubricate strands. With regular use, your mane will feel silky, soft, healthy, and easy to detangle when wet. Nourishing Hair Conditioner is made with silk proteins that will strengthen your hair and help repair it from the damage of chemicals and excessive heat.

  • Salt Mine Shampoo by Belle & Blaire

    Salt Mine Shampoo


    Pick your own scent! Salt Mine Shampoo will give your hair wonderful volume.

    Made with natural sea salt, this shampoo is excellent for naturally detoxifying the scalp of grease and product build-up, as salt acts as a natural exfoliator. Users with fine or flat hair will see the most benefits, but for those with normal hair and just want to add in a bit of extra body and texture, the salt shampoo works beautifully as it will give hair a wonderful volume while leaving it feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. It’s no wonder this one’s a best-seller!