Our collection of unique perfume oils are available in a variety of fragrances. Available with a roll-on ball that makes them clean, portable, and a convenient way to use fragrance throughout your day.

Perfume oils are less overpowering than alcohol-based scents. They last longer because you wear it close to the skin. Oil-based perfumes are hypoallergenic, therefore, safe for scent lovers with sensitive skin. We make our perfume oils in small batches with the highest quality oils. Additionally, we blend classic scents to create new and original fragrances you will love.  Our perfume oils are addictive and made to liven up your senses from within.

How To Use

Perfume oils perform best when they are warm. Use your body heat to activate the fragrance notes. Apply oil at your pulse points on the neck and the wrists as well as the crook of your elbows or your knees, in your cleavage, or behind the ears.

A select few of our perfume oils have pheromones that will enhance your own pheromones. Blending pheromone oils with the skin pH will release a subtle scent unique to your body chemistry to attract the one that you desire.

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