personal care summertime essentials for the skin

We recommend having these natural salves as part of your personal care summertime essentials.

Helichrysum & Tamanu Wound Healing Salve

The ingredients in Helichrysum & Tamanu Wound Healing Salve will help speed the natural healing of cuts, scratches, burns, and other trauma to the skin. Additionally, the ingredients in this salve can heal scars from acne or eczema.

Black Drawing Salve

The formulation of the Black Drawing Salve is made to draw out impurities, poisons, and toxins. Perfect for relief of poison ivy, allergic reactions on the skin, skin infections, bug bites, wasp stings, scrapes, and common scratches. The black color is from activated charcoal powder, which pulls the toxins, poisons, and other impurities from the skin.

Everyone will benefit from having these two effective salves as part of their summertime first aid kit.

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